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Who am I?

My experience as psychologist

In my first position as a psychologist I was employed for three years on the Neuropsychology team at "Aetat, Senter for yrkesrettet attføring" (Work rehabilitation and retraining center)(SYA) (now a department in NAV) I did neurospychological assessments in relation to work capacity following head trauma or disorders of the central neurologicial system. The aim of the assessment was to give recommendations as to the type of work a client could do and necessary adaptions in worksituation.
While working here I began the neuropsykology spesialst program.

I was the first psychologist to be employed by Sebbelows Stiftelse parent-child center. I've worked at Sebbelows (Sebbelows stiftelse foreldre-barn senter) doing parental assessments, therapy and working with parents and children to develop parenting skills. I have been associated with Sebbelows for more than four years, full-time for three years. I then had a leave of absence for nine months and have worked part-time after that.

I worked at Nic Waal Institutt, child and adolescent outpatient's clinic (BUP), neuropsychology team during my nine months break from Sebbelows Stiftelse. My work here included neuropsychological assessments of children and counselling of both parents and children and advising schools.

Since January -07 I have been on the clinical staff in an autism project - theABC-Studien" . This is an international project that recruits participants from the Norwegian "Mor-Barn" (Mother-child) Project. Childen in the age range from three to five / six year are evaluated through specific tests and structured parental interviews for autism specter disorders. It is my task to test these children.

Publications and presentations

My ”Integrative theory of dissociation” first saw the light as my master’s thesis (hovedoppgave) for my master degree in general and clinical psychology:

“Bearing the Unbearable” Lesley 2001, ISBN 82-569-1781-4. Oslo University (UIO).

It was presented in paper and poster form at The Annual Fall Conference of The International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD) in New Orleans, November 2004:

”An Integrative Theory of Dissociation”. Paper presentation

“Bearing the Unbearable”. Poster presentasjon

A revised version of the poster was presented at the conference "Trauma and dissociation, European Perspectives" in Norwich, England, July 2006:

“Bearing the Unbearable”. Poster presentation

It was published in article form in“Consciousness and Cognition” in the September issue in 2006:

"Awareness is relative: Dissociation as the organisation of meaning" Consciousness and Cognition 15, 593-604.

A paper on the clinical implications of the theory was presented at the The first Bi-annual ESTD Conferance“Chronic Traumatization: Disrupted Attachment and the Dissociative Mind” in Amsterdam 17th - 19th April -08.

"Clinical implications of an Integrative theory of dissociation" Paper presentation.

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