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Do you need an english speaking therapist?
I have an established private practice with some capacity for new clients.

I work three days a week - tuesday, thursdag (full day) and friday to 11.30 am.

I speak Norwegian and English fluently as my mother tongue is english and I have lived in Norway most of my adult life.

I offer:

a photo of a rose symbolising psychotherapy

A partner to explore possiblities with:

Are you depressed, plagued by anxiety or obsessive thoughts and rituals, are you interested in personal development, do you wish to be a better parent or partner, are you experiencing a life crisis or do you have a difficult decision to make?
Contact me so we can find out if we can work together to meet your needs.

a photo of a painting of a taumatised child symbolising traumareactions, the need for child protections services and working with parents and parenting skills

I have three areas of special experience and interest:

1. Trauma reactions and how best to work through them and put them behind you;
2. Parenting - how to be a good enough parent / good enough parents.
I can help you discover how your own experiences as a child influences you as a parent and I can work with you and your child / children to develop your parenting skills.
If you have contact with the Child protection services (Barnevernet) we can work together in cooperation with them.
3. Adjusting to and living with a chronic neuropsychological / psychobiological disorder.

a photo of two toddlers, the older one leading the smaller one, symbolising cooperation, teachin, coaching, consultaion with child protection services

A partner for you who can extend a professional helping hand to others:

Contact me if you need a partner to assist you in your professional development (veiledning), for teaching, for client assessments, consultation or to work directly with parent-child relationships and parenting skills.

Ring Joan Lesley, 92089837

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